Fearlessly Rethinking My Retirement Plan

//Fearlessly Rethinking My Retirement Plan

Fearlessly Rethinking My Retirement Plan

I had a strange dream:

I am dead. Physically dead, but still me–fully alive.

It is the end of my life, and I stand before God’s Judgement Seat, the picture of might, majesty, and intimidation.

Far above me, He opens this massive book and reads from it my life’s summary.

He begins, “Your parents worked hard to move you to a neighborhood with good schools because they wanted the best future for you. In turn, you earned good grades. In high school, you took standardized tests to get yourself accepted into a good college. You got a scholarship and worked hard in all you classes, but you didn’t finish.”

He smiles and continues, “Then, despite your lack of degree, you interviewed with a good company, landed a good job, and earned a good salary.”

“You contributed to your company-sponsored 401(k) plan, kept your expenses low, and paid your taxes, as any good person would.”

“I see you also managed to secure several other good investments, earning good returns year after year.”

He continues, “You had a good marriage, bought a good home, raised good children, and maintained a good credit score, all while managing to stay in relatively good health.”

“You were a good employee; then after 40 years, you said goodbye to the workforce and enjoyed a good retirement.”

“You even left a good inheritance for your children.”

Finally, He closes The Book, smiles proudly at me and says those enviable words, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.”

Strange dream, right? For me, it was more nightmare. It struck a nerve.

I get one life, one story…and yet it seems so anti-climactic. But that is the life I worked for, that I prayed for–a stable life. A stable life is a comfortable life. A comfortable life makes one boring story.

Frankly, it seems a little selfish.  Our lives are gifts.

There has to be more to life, more exciting chapters, more stories to tell, more people to love.  I want my life and my stories to be a gift–God’s gift to you.

I am finally ready for it.



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